My heart belongs to wrestling.

I don’t need your drama, I just need a wrestling mat. No Valentine’s Day, no anniversaries. Nothing but hard work and dedication to the sport.

Watch this wrestler shovel snow in his singlet.

Wrester Shoveling in Singlet

Most usually bundle up before they go out to shovel snow, but not Holden Law. He went out in his singlet and cleared the sidewalk in the middle of a blizzard in Minnesota. That’s one tough wrestler. Source video:  

Nemo Wrestling Tattoo

Marlon Argueta showed off his awesome Nemo wrestling tattoo complete with wrestling headgear and a singlet on Twitter the other day. It’s so cool it’s worth sharing again.

How Wrestling Builds Better Football Players

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Returning Olympic champions, new Olympic wrestling stars.

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Wrestling Team Photo Ideas

Looking for ideas on how to shoot your next wrestling team photo? Here are a few of the nicer, or unique, ones we’ve seen recently. Have some to share? We’d love to see them.

Wrestling in Slow Motion

Wrestling is a sport of skill, speed, and timing. Most of the time wrestlers move so fast you don’t see the technique. However, if you slow it down, you get to see everything. Take a look at some of these…

Merry Christmas

Hope Santa brings you some nice new wrestling shoes, or gear, this Christmas. photo via baynoman2