Wrestle Hard

This video was made for Wesleyan University wrestling a few years ago and it’s very well done. The music and special effects are mesmerizing.

Is it OK to wear wrestling shoes off the mat?

Every now and then you see wrestlers walking around in their wrestling shoes off the mat. Is this ok? Should they be doing that? Well… yes and no. Are you wearing them on the mat? If the wrestling shoes you’re…

Sam Barber Named Air Force Wrestling Head Coach

USAFA, Colo. – Sam Barber has been named the head coach for the Air Force wrestling team, as announced today by Director of Athletics Dr. Hans Mueh. Barber takes over the reins after spending the past six years as an…

Wrestler’s Selfless Act Gives Opponent First Win

A sophomore wrestler from Albert Lea, Minnesota intentionally lost his match in order to make his opponent's day. "I found out he had down syndrome, and then once I was told that, I knew that I was going to give him the match because I was told he hasn't won a match or anything yet," Ryleigh Bure said.

Olympic Wrestling’s New Rules Keep the Sport on a Positive Path

FILA, the International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles, Olympic wrestling’s sanctioning body, just released its rule changes for the coming Olympic cycle. Shockingly, the rules largely institute changes which should improve the sport. I say “shockingly” because, for many years, FILA…