Tips for new wrestlers.

Two wrestlers in action

Being a new wrestler can be both exciting and challenging. Here are some tips to help you navigate through this thrilling journey: Remember, the journey of a wrestler is not always easy, but with passion, dedication, and the right mindset,…

How’s your wrestling stance?

Wrestler in wrestling stance

A good wrestling stance is crucial in the sport as it allows you to maintain balance, control, and set yourself up for various offensive and defensive moves. Here are some tips to achieve a strong wrestling stance: Remember, practice is…

Rock Kens boots from the Barbie movie.

Ryan Gosling in the Barbie movie in a fur coat and boxing boots.

If you’ve seen the Barbie movie, you know Ken has style. In parts of the movie, Ryan Gosling is wearing a long fur coat, black pants, and Adidas Box Hog boxing boots. Like the shoes? You can get yourself a…

Star Wars, Wrestling, and Ai

Wrestling team with storm trooper helmets on

For Star Wars day I decided to ask Ai for some Star Wars wrestling photos. What I got back wasn’t quite what I was hoping for, but interesting none the less. Star Wars Wrestlers Star Wars Wrestling Team Star Wars…