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Wrestling Shoes

Merry Christmas

Hope Santa brings you some nice new wrestling shoes, or gear, this Christmas. photo via baynoman2

Nike Wrestling Shoes Return with Hypersweep & Freek

Nike wrestling shoes aren’t as common as they use to be. They are actually pretty hard to find and it was even rumored that they stopped making them all together. However, Nike is back, teasing its new wrestling shoes, Nike Freek and Hypersweep, all over social media.

The Cage Fighter Revolution is coming.

The #Revolution is coming… with new wrestling & MMA shows. via cf_athleticusa

The new 220 shoes combine wrestling shoes and running shoes in one.

The 220 Dual Trainer is a new type of shoe. It’s a wrestling shoe that converts into a running shoe. It does this by creating a cover that protects the wrestling shoe from ever touching the gym floor. It’s not just a generic cover either, its custom-made for your wrestling shoe and even adds an […]

I Love Wrestling Shoes ❤

in love with this. ❤ wrestling shoes via wattshappeningg

Love The Wrestling Shoes

There is, something, about, wrestling, shoes that are just cool. Getting a new pair can make a wrestlers week and putting on an old pair can bring back great memories. photo via judyisamazing

Comfiest Shoes Ever. #WrestlingShoes

I got my wrestling shoes. These are the comfiest things ever. via @isayssa

Missing Wrestler

All the gear is here, but where is the wrestler? via @matthewmincieli

Classic Wrestling Gear

via @brysauce, 

Man do I miss wrestling.

This is the first time I have take any of my stuff out and my heart is literally broken. I loved it more then i can even comprehend and I would give anything to go back to it. via @wizzerdeep, 

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