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The win. A short wrestling poem.

Wrestler with hand held up after match

The mat is a stage, the crowd is a roar, The wrestler steps up, his heart starts to soar. He’s trained for this moment, he’s ready to fight, His muscles are tense, his eyes shining bright. The referee’s whistle blows,…

Adidas Wrestling Art

Artwork of a wrestler on the side of a building.

Not sure if this is real or not, but it looks pretty awesome. Love the street art and can only imagine how big this wrestler is in real life. Have you seen any wrestling art on the side of buildings?

All American Wrestler

Wrestler in American flag singlet on a carousel.

Is there anything more American than wearing a USA Wrestling singlet while sitting on a carousel horse who is also wearing a red, white, and blue outfit?

Upside-down Splits

Wrestler with his legs out while standing on one hand.

Wrestling his hard work and you’ve got to be more flexible and more talented than any other sport. Where else are you going to do upside down splits? via unitedworldwrestling

Wrestle Hard

Wrestlers on the matt

No one said wrestling is easy. via geoffriccio

Controlling Your Opponent

Wyoming Wrestler

When you have control over your opponents legs, you have control over them. via tony_rotundo_wrestling