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A dream doesn’t become reality through magic..

A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. – Colin Powell

Upside-down Splits

Wrestling his hard work and you’ve got to be more flexible and more talented than any other sport. Where else are you going to do upside down splits? via unitedworldwrestling

Now that’s some wrestling skills (video)

  Wow. Some wrestlers have all the moves. Flip, role, cartwheel, breakdance, and he finishes it off in style. Nice! via coachmyers_gutcheck

Strap on your headgear and get ready for a fight.

When the headgear goes on, the warrior is ready for battle. via mikexlongo

Tying Wrestling Shoes

There’s nothing like getting your gear on and hitting the mat.

Wrestle Hard

No one said wrestling is easy. via geoffriccio

Controlling Your Opponent

When you have control over your opponents legs, you have control over them. via tony_rotundo_wrestling

Wrestle & Stay Hydrated

“One of the most important things about staying active & healthy is that you have to stay hydrated.” via gustavo11lopez

Wrestling in Style

A few photo effects can change a great action shot into a fantastic one. via ryan_millhof

No mercy. No points given.

What a way to make a pin. via tuskywrestling

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