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Ugly Christmas Sweater Wrestling Desktops

Happy Holiday’s wrestling fans! Make your computer festive with one of these ugly Christmas sweater wallpapers! These were created by WrestlingPod for your holiday enjoyment. Personally, I don’t find them ugly at all. 🙂

New Twitter Handle @iWrestle

We were lucky enough to get into Twitter early and got @wrestling as our Twitter handle. Today, that changed to @iWrestle. A few weeks back the social media director for United World Wrestling, then FILA, approached me and asked me if they could have @wrestling. At first I denied it as I really liked the handle. […]

Is it OK to wear wrestling shoes off the mat?

Every now and then you see wrestlers walking around in their wrestling shoes off the mat. Is this ok? Should they be doing that? Well… yes and no. Are you wearing them on the mat? If the wrestling shoes you’re wearing are also used on the mat, then you should NOT be wearing them off […]

Captain America Wrestling Headgear

Not sure where to get Captain America, wrestling, headgear, but this is pretty sweet wrestling swag. photo via jfklouis

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Let us bring our amateur wrestling news posts to you! Join us on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ and get our stories right in your timeline. We are also planning to share other great stories as we find them. But don’t worry, we won’t go update crazy. Hope to see you soon!

Amateur Wrestling Firefox Persona Theme

If you’re using Firefox as your web browser, which you should be, you can now get an amateur wrestling persona theme created by WrestlingPod. If you’re not running Firefox, you can download the free web browser for Mac, Windows and Linux. If you’re still running Internet Explorer, click the download link to find out why […]

Konrad Writes About His NY Jets Minicamp Experience

This was posted at the Wrestling Talk forum, apparently originally posted by King Cole himself at The Guillotine website… The text of this message has been posted in the FILES section of NCAA Heavyweight Champs 2 Well i said i would hop on here and give an update as to how the weekend went, so […]

Takkle – Trash Talk and Get Noticed

I’ve recently came across a great site for High School wrestling fans. It’s called Takkle.com and it’s a free social sports networking site. Now I’ve checked out a lot of these types of sites in the past, but Takkle seems to stand above the rest. It’s not some cheap knockoff, it’s a very well put […]

Blog Upgraded to WordPress 2.1

I’ve recently updated the platform at the Wrestling News is run on.,  We are now running WordPress 2.1.,  If you come across any issues, please comment below or head over to our contact form and let me know. Thanks!

Champions Train … Losers Complain – Wrestling Desktop Wallpaper

Check out the latest wrestling desktop wallpaper that I’ve created for all fans. It’s a free download so enjoy! Thanks to Lifeboy for the wrestling photograph.  

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