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MMA Fighters and Fans – MySpace Networking for MMA

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) now has a site to network and find other fans, fighters and just hang out: MyMMASpace.com. You can check out WrestlingPod’s basic profile if you want and feel free to connect with me. They also have a cool MyMMASpace.com Link Directory & Exchange area. I haven’t used the service for much […]

WrestlingPod Feed Updated

Today we are updating our wrestling news feed to be hosted with Feedburner. There should be nothing that you have to do, but be aware that if any issues do come up, update your feed URL or let us know. 🙂 New feed URL: http://feeds.feedburner.com/Amateur-Wrestling-News The feed also now shows photos that I’ve recently uploaded […]

‘Tis the Wrestling Season – Desktop Wallpaper

I’m working on creating some new desktop background graphics for all the amateur wrestling fans. Today I release my first, ‘Tis the Season. I hope to design more wrestling backgrounds in the upcoming weeks, but that’s where I need your help. What would you like to see created? Do you have any gear or action […]

WrestlingPod’s News Gets a Makeover

The new wrestling news theme is now live and kickin! It’s now easier on the eyes and hopefully easier to use over all. Please let me know if you find any issues and what you think about the new design. I hope to get the entire site converted over eventually, however I’m not sure when […]

Submit Your Wrestling Site

I’m creating an amateur wrestling search engine and I need sites to add. They could be your site, your schools or your one favorite sites. Topics include amateur wrestling, martial arts, boxing and related topics. Post your favorite site’s below or you can contribute here (Google Account Required)

McAfee SiteAdvister finds WrestlingPod Safe

Here at WrestlingPod, we don’t like to annoy the visitor or deal with anything that might cause your computer harm. We know it’s safe, but now McAfee SiteAdvisor has check out WrestlingPod.com and found no issues. McAfee SiteAdvisor checks for adware, spyware, viruses, browser exploits, excessive pop-ups, phishing and other scams and found nothing. I […]

Users Accounts Upgraded – Post Your News

Any users that want to post their own news now can. I didn’t realize that new user’s couldn’t before. Oops. If you have registered for an account in the past, or if you do in the future, you now can login and write a story and save it. Then, when it’s ready to be published, […]

New Adidas & Asics Wrestling Shoes for 2006

Check out the newest offerings from Adidas and Asics.,  The new wrestling shoes come in a variety of colors from green to red, orange, white, black, gray and more.,  Take control on the wrestling mat improve your performance with a new pair of shoes. New this season include the Dan Gable Ultimate, adiStrike, A’ttaak II, […]

Fixing Internet Explorer Issues

It never seems to stop amazing me, how one browser can be so popular and so horrible at web standards. 🙁 I’ve recently come to find out that Internet Explorer was causing two big issues. One, the right sidebar was displaying after the content and two, it kept alerting some error at line 72. Both […]

Sather Air Base Looking For Floor Mat Material

Derrick Gray is currently living at Sather Air Base, otherwise know as Baghdad International Airport in Iraq. He is in a small Army unit that resides and works there. The Air Base recently built a new “Gym” to house the weight equipment, and various cardio machines they have recently purchased. In this new facility they […]

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