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Olympic Wrestling’s New Rules Keep the Sport on a Positive Path

FILA, the International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles, Olympic wrestling’s sanctioning body, just released its rule changes for the coming Olympic cycle. Shockingly, the rules largely institute changes which should improve the sport. I say “shockingly” because, for many years, FILA rule changes signaled a new nadir for the sport as it spiraled inexorably towards its […]

Ex-Olympians Herbert, Hrovat to serve as co-directors of Michigan USA Wrestling

Jake Herbert and Andy Hrovat, former Big Ten matmen and past U.S. Olympic freestyle team members, have been named co-executive directors of Michigan USA Wrestling, the national governing body for the sport announced Saturday. Herbert and Hrovat will be directly involved in youth wrestling in the state of Michigan, according to the USA Wrestling announcement. […]

Appreciate what you have and fight for what you want.

Keep Olympic Wrestling Alive!

World’s Wrestlers In Olympia To Save Sport

A decision by the International Olympic Committee “which is located in Switzerland and not Greece, home of the Olympics “to strike one of he most ancient and revered original sports “wrestling “from the games as of 2020 in favor of more modern events isn’t sitting well with practitioners and devotees who are going to the […]

Wrestling federation returns to roots

World amateur wrestling body FILA has brought its campaign to save the sport in the Olympics to its birthplace, Greece. FILA, with the help of the Greek wrestling federation, has organised a senior international tournament in Olympia this weekend to help publicise their fight to keep the sport in the Olympic Games in 2020. The […]

Olympics uncertainty galvanizes wrestling community at home, worldwide

From the very infancy of the ancient Olympic Games, as early as 708 B.C. on the plains of Olympia, wrestling was there. Described by the International Olympic Committee as being “highly valued as a form of military exercise without weapons,” matches ended only when one competitor admitted defeat. Multiple millennia later, that same committee looked at […]

You’re as week as you want to let yourself be.

Inspiriting words from Brent Metcalf, 2x NCAA Champ

Wrestling will return with more sports possible.

Wrestling will return, more sports possible, says IOC presidential hopeful Denis Oswald. Baseball/softball and squash are the other two shortlisted sports and the IOC will elect one winning sport at its session in Buenos Aires in September. International Olympic Committee (IOC) presidential hopeful Denis Oswald distanced himself from the body’s current leadership on Monday, saying […]

Wrestling and IOC Presidential Race Headline St. Petersburg Meetings

Call it the perfect storm of Olympic politics. With sports leaders gathering in St. Petersburg, Russia, this week for a global convention, three high-profile campaigns will be played out at the same time in an unusual confluence of issues that will set the tone for the future of the Olympic movement. The race for the […]

Wrestling Seeks to Add Two Weight Classes for Women

Wrestling’s international governing body is poised to add two weight classes for women in its push to remain in the Olympics, The Associated Press has learned. Nenad Lalovic, the acting president of FILA, told The Associated Press on Wednesday that a rules committee will recommend the move ” which would also eliminate a weight class […]

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