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You’re as week as you want to let yourself be.

Inspiriting words from Brent Metcalf, 2x NCAA Champ

Wrestling will return with more sports possible.

Wrestling will return, more sports possible, says IOC presidential hopeful Denis Oswald. Baseball/softball and squash are the other two shortlisted sports and the IOC will elect one winning sport at its session in Buenos Aires in September. International Olympic Committee (IOC) presidential hopeful Denis Oswald distanced himself from the body’s current leadership on Monday, saying […]

Wrestling and IOC Presidential Race Headline St. Petersburg Meetings

Call it the perfect storm of Olympic politics. With sports leaders gathering in St. Petersburg, Russia, this week for a global convention, three high-profile campaigns will be played out at the same time in an unusual confluence of issues that will set the tone for the future of the Olympic movement. The race for the […]

Wrestling Seeks to Add Two Weight Classes for Women

Wrestling’s international governing body is poised to add two weight classes for women in its push to remain in the Olympics, The Associated Press has learned. Nenad Lalovic, the acting president of FILA, told The Associated Press on Wednesday that a rules committee will recommend the move ” which would also eliminate a weight class […]

Plan Would Have Greco-Roman Wrestlers Shirtless In Olympics

The organizing body of wrestling is fighting to keep the sport in the Olympics and shirtless Greco-Roman wrestlers is one proposal to spice it up. Earlier this year, the International Olympic Committee stunned the sports world when it voted to drop wrestling from the Olympics starting in 2020. The wrestling community will get a chance […]

Wrestling Federation Plots Strategy

Wrestling’s governing body is preparing for what could be the match of its, life. It is holding a special meeting in Moscow to discuss changes to modernize the sport in hopes of staying in the, Olympics. The meeting Saturday comes four months after the, IOC, executive board recommended that wrestling be dropped from the 2020 Olympics. Wrestling has a […]

Save Olympic Wrestling Coalition Formed Among Nations

Growing group of international wrestling federations form a partnership for unified effort to show that wrestling belongs on Olympic program. The Save Olympic Wrestling Coalition has been formed by a number of international wrestling federations to show wrestling should remain on the Olympic program. This is a unique partnership that will send a powerful message […]

Kurt Angle laments fate of Olympic wrestling

In the summer of 1996, the eyes of the wrestling world weren’t transfixed on ratings or politics. They were locked onto 27-year-old American Kurt Angle, who was putting the finishing touches on one of the most decorated careers in the sport’s modern history with an Olympic gold medal victory in Atlanta. Now, the concern in […]

Wrestling has a firm hold on me

So, sports colleague supreme John Dudley once commented how there’s no middle ground when it comes to a youth’s initiation into wrestling. He meant amateur wrestling, by the way. Not the Hulk Hogan/Rowdy Roddy Piper/Nature Boy Ric Flair/Sgt. Slaughter/Captain Lou Albano variety that once hoarded the attention of my Strong Vincent brethren. I don’t remember […]

Barnabas Radke defends merits of Olympic wrestling.

As a life-long wrestler and supporter of wrestling, my first thought when hearing the Olympic committee had canceled wrestling for the 2020 Games was “this can’t be true.” Wrestling is an original Olympic sport, and one of the only true amateur sports still left in the world. In case you haven’t heard, wrestling has indeed […]

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