Amateur Wrestling news, gear and photos from the side of the mat.

Wrestling Gear

It’s all about the wrestling.

There’s nothing like showing your wrestling swag everywhere you go. via @ya_boy_mack

Comfiest Shoes Ever. #WrestlingShoes

I got my wrestling shoes. These are the comfiest things ever. via @isayssa

Missing Wrestler

All the gear is here, but where is the wrestler? via @matthewmincieli

Breast Cancer Awareness Headgear

It’d be great if you could buy this on Amazon, but the best you can do is get the stickers and pink headgear. via ,» @james_96

Classic Wrestling Gear

via @brysauce, 

Man do I miss wrestling.

This is the first time I have take any of my stuff out and my heart is literally broken. I loved it more then i can even comprehend and I would give anything to go back to it. via @wizzerdeep, 

Hot Wrestling Shoes

via @hotpinkhellion

Green Wrestling Shoe Laces

via @jorgehaddadm

Cauliflower ear protection stupid!

via @telectaz, 

Asics Rainbow Wrestling Shoes

You’ve never seen a pair of wreslting shoes like this! These are one of a kind Asics Split Seconds, and Jordan Burroughs has them. They include every color of the rainbow and look pretty damn sweet! What to you think? Would you buy them if you could?

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