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Cliff Keen

Bring on the world.

Not sure if we’re going to wrestle, play football or just rumble. via selfmade1995

Breast Cancer Awareness Headgear

It’d be great if you could buy this on Amazon, but the best you can do is get the stickers and pink headgear. via ,» @james_96

Cauliflower ear protection stupid!

via @telectaz, 

Hate cauliflower ear? Get good headgear.

via WrestlingPod on Facebook Hate cauliflower ear? Get good headgear.

Wrestling Long Hair Cap

Got a nice, long head of hair going on and you don’t want to chop it? But you still want to wrestle? Then get a hair cap. The Cliff Keen Slicker for Long Hair holds everything back so that you can concentrate on wrestling. The long hair cap should attach securely to any Cliff Keen […]