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The idea of setting up a wrestling room in a garage or basement is something that more and more people are getting into. Getting a few friends together to do an at home wrestling practice or just wrestling for fun is easy to do, getting a wrestling mat on the other hand is a bit harder.

Where as some companies sell new wrestling mats to the public, the prices aren’t always the best. Our solution is to keep an eye on eBay for used wrestling mats for cheap. You never know what kind of deals they might have.

Schools across the country do upgrade their mats from time to time and eBay is just one place they may go to get rid of the old ones. Also check out classified listings for anyone who might be trying to get rid of one locally.

Amazon is another choice for finding new and reconditioned wrestling mats at decent prices.

It doesn’t matter if you just want to a little basement wrestling with the guys, or practice during the off season, a wrestling mat can bring good use to any room in your home.

If you have other ideas on where to find good deals on used wrestling mats, let us know.

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  1. I am looking for a used wrestling mat remenant for our church wrestling club. I need a section 24 x 15. I can be larger. Red would be nice but any color will do.

  2. Looking for a full mat for our very poor inner-city wrestling club, will accept pieces different colors, dont matter as long as in good shape, any one looking to donate or sell cheap please let me know.

  3. I am the head wrestling coach of a middle school wrestling team in Columbus, Ga. For years we were able to use HS facilities and last year we were told that we were allowed anymore, I only have a section of a mat to hold practice and have to limit the amount of members on the team. If anyone has a full size 36 or 42 mat they would like to part with please contact me.

    • I have 2 – 30×30 EZ flex mats for sale plus one section 6’x30′ -11 pieces total
      6 months old, picked them up at Flo nationals in penn
      I’ll part with them for $6500
      [email protected]
      Wallingford wrestling club- on Facebook

    • I’m coach Randolph Smith Withrow university High School Varsity Wrestlng coach.I have a 3 peace full size refurbished varsity Wrestling mat
      color Blue For sale $1500 Call me.
      513-235-3739 ASAP

  4. I am looking for a wrestling mat for at home practice … size anywhere from 10×10 on up to like 20×10 or however they come… i am looking for one that someone is not using anymore or they are replacing theres and they are willing to get rid of the one they have. can not afford a new one.. if anyone has one please email me and let me know pricing. thanks .

  5. I’m the father of twin boys who have started wrestling in a JV program and I’d like to do some training in our basement. I’m looking for a used mat section reasonably priced, 12×12, 14×14, or what ever size is available please contact me via e-mail
    [email protected] w/ any info you have.

  6. i am a member of an MMA team in Cedar Rapids iowa and we are looking to expand our grappling area. we are looking for wrestling mats of any and all sizes at reasonable prices. Please contact me at [email protected] or call (319)721-6911

  7. I am mother to two boys (among 9 children)who want to dedicate their remaining years left to hard core practice in and out of school. I am looking for a 13×22 piece of mate so that we can lay out for our boys and the two other team mates who have decided to also dedicate to the sport. I have had a total of 5 boys in wrestling of which 1 went to states 2 times, my last 2 boys wish to share that journey and dedicate it to their older brother who is in the army and recently returned from Iraq. We have a tire and auto business which has a dedicated workout room and a room waiting for a mat. I would appreciate the help of anyone who can help me in my search. Please email me at [email protected] or call me at (845)701-7747.

  8. I am looking for a used mat to set up in my basement for my two boys, 8 yrs old and 5 yrs old for resonable 406-231-1707

  9. I am the head wrestling coach for Gilchrist High School in Gilchrist, Oregon. Our current mats are about eighteen years old and in very poor condition. I am looking for a regulation size mat reconditioned or new at an inexpensive price. If you have any info. you can contact me at [email protected]. Thank you.

  10. I have two young boys who are very much into wrestling. They are on the school team and they want to practice at home. I won’t give you a sob story about our finances but email me a price for an area mat that they can practice on and if I can swing it I will drive to where ever I need to go to get it.
    [email protected]

  11. I have a 24’X 24′ dollamur the ultralight series…comes in qty 4 6’X 24′ sections 1 1/4″ thick model (eventhough the actual measurement is 1 1/8″) Red great shape. Northern Ohio area. can make arrangements for delviery. Interested in part or whole call 216 533 4202

  12. We sell all sizes of mats, you can get a 10×10 shipped to your door for $450 our mats are the flexible style were they are lightweight and easy to set up and store. They have a 3 year warrenty and are guarenteed to never shrink or harden. If you are interested call the office and ask for Matt at 18008433467 ext.14 thanks

  13. help. im helping to start a local feeder wrestling program. We have no money, but plenty of good kids who want to learn. Have found space to practice,now we need mats.need 36×36 to cover cement floor. can any one help?

  14. Have a 1st through 8th Grade School who wants to start a wrestling team interested in a full mat to get it started.Located in South Carolina.

    • My old high school has brought back wrestling and is in need of a mat I am very interested. The kids are traveling to all matches. If possible, I would like to give them a mat for home matches and red is there school color.

  15. hi there i what to see how much you looking for the mat. i what would it be to SH to nj Thank you cear

  16. Looking for Cheap / Donating Wrestling mats. anywhere from 20′ x 20′
    30′ x 30′
    32′ x 32′
    38′ x 38′

    Would like to use for practice after school on my own time, or at home. and to have for the team during practice.

    you can email me at with prices
    [email protected]

  17. Are you still looking for a buyer for teh mat? If so what is teh asking price and do you have pictures of the mat?

  18. I am in northern California and I need a good wrestling mat. We are starting a youth wrestling outreach in our community. I can drive to pick it up if it is anywhere in the western US.


  20. looking for a small portion of mat for my home does not matter what kind just anything to absorb a little impact. thanks

  21. lookin for a used 10’x10′ or 12’x12′ wrestling mat for my house so i have a place to work out and blow off steam after a tough day, at least in decent shape…lookin not to spend more than 450-500…. email me [email protected]

  22. i have a used resilite 10×10 ( 2 5x5pieces) mat for sale it is grey with light blue circle. Is is in decent condition paint is peeling in a few lil spots and i think 2 dime size or smaller holes.. $200 obo free delivery within 20 miles of Montebello, CA

  23. looking for any kinds on mats,tatami/swain. for wrestling/jiu jitsu. 10×10 us what i desire but anything you have or find i will probably want.
    email me @ c_c_richards@yahoo

  24. hi my name is unique from chicago,il i am starting a volunteer program at my school and i dont have the cash for mats to help with troubled youth to teach them wrestling, boxing and jiu jitsu if anyone can help me with some free mats no matter the condition it will be greatly appreciated call me at 312-316-3590 or email [email protected] please only if you can help. thank and god bless.

  25. looking for a good save matt 15X15 to practice my jiu jitsu and wrestling on willing to pay about 300 for them anyone in so cal area

  26. Looking for used/ decent condition mats 10’ x 10‘ x (1.25″) preferable) for mixed martial arts club at Columbus State University
    *Perhaps 12×12 if feasible

  27. Our school MAY have a regular size, Resillite (traditional-style) mat for sale if anyone is interested. Contact me by email ASAP if you’re interested in buying once the school makes a final decision to sale or not. The mat is the school’s original mat (about 12 years old) in very good condition with a decent amount of like left (no major tears or holes). If the mat goes on for sale I can send pictures to anyone interested of its current condition. You would need to handle your own pick up, transport and delivery of the mat. Pick up will be easy; its right next to a ground floor bay door. The school is in Cary, NC, right next to Raleigh. It is about a 38×38/36×36 or so mat from its original 40×40 size.

  28. Our school MAY have a regular size, Resillite (traditional-style) mat for sale if anyone is interested. Contact me by email ASAP if you’re interested in buying once the school makes a final decision to sale or not. The mat is the school’s original mat (about 12 years old) in very good condition with a decent amount of like left (no major tears or holes). If the mat goes on for sale I can send pictures to anyone interested of its current condition. You would need to handle your own pick up, transport and delivery of the mat. Pick up will be easy; its right next to a ground floor bay door. The school is in Cary, NC, right next to Raleigh. It is about a 38×38/36×36 or so mat from its original 40×40 size. ([email protected])

  29. Hello I own a non-profit gym dedicated to womens self defense, teens staying of drugs and Psysical fitness of active Law Enforcement & Military! I am in need of a donation of a used or new wrestling mat to teach womens self defense and anti rape training for FREE!! Please let me know if you can help me!! I need one 18 feet by 18 feet or smaller!! My gym was featured in MUSCLEMAG INTERNATIONAL October issue! I can provide any information you need! I have attached my link to my GYMS FACEBOOK page to let you see what I am accomplishing! Please refer me to someone if you can help! Rob 502-442-5998! Any size really will do or any condition or color! Rob

  30. Hey im an mma fighter, im looking for a 10×10 mat to work on some wrestling, im located in Georgia & wanted to know if anyone knew where i could get some cheap wrestling mats if so let me know, [email protected]

  31. I am trying to start a wrestling program at an inner city school and we are in need of a mat. It does not have to be a “match mat” we are just looking for something to practice on. I would like at least a 24X24 but I take what I can get. My funding is very limited but I do have some to work with. If anyone can help, please email [email protected]

  32. I have two 10 by 10 wrestling mats for sale currently on ebay under the user ID ironsun21. You would need to arrange for shipping. They both velcro together and are in excellent condition! Email addy is [email protected] if you have questions. Priced to sell with a low reserve.

  33. Hi I have a 7 year old daughter who wants to try wrestling and we need to do some extra work at home outside of practice, looking for 10’x 10′ or a bit larger, used and inexpensive. Thanks.

  34. NO MORE WRESTLING MATS AT MEDINA CHRISTIAN ACADEMY IN MEDINA OH. We posted these mats in 2006 or so and are still getting calls about them. Not sure how to get OFF the list! they are long gone, but thanks for your interest!

  35. I am looking for a 10×10 (or so) wrestling mat to use at home with my 8 and 4 year old. Hoping to spend $150-$200. We are in Moultrie, GA. Please contact me if you have anything.
    [email protected]

  36. I am looking to start a wrestling program for a public school that serves at-risk youth in inner-city Chicago. As part of the start-up process, I am trying to find a used mat or pieces of a used mat to fill a 40′ by 40′ space. Donations would be greatly appreciated as the school operates on a tight budget. Thank you.

  37. hello ,we have a non profit training room and are looking for any size mat for the local kids in town to practice and learn without getting hurt ,if you have something you are looking to part with we would like to buy it for a reasonble number , thank you 1-516-790-3313 adam

  38. We are trying to start a wrestling program at our church and we are looking for 2 used mats. Size we are looking for is 36×36/

  39. hi im tryin to find ne kind of wretling mat,no matter the color or condition.our small…small town mma team needs a wrestling mat
    bad please help…

  40. amazon has the best deal i made a suspeneion floor amd used 3/4 inch tatami mats and mu deminsions are 40 x 40 and i did it for under a thousand dollors. so shop around.

  41. I am a single mom of a 1 year old baby girl. I am a student interning full-time at a law office. I make very little money at this time, and am not getting by. I have about 4 years of daily hardcore training in various fighting styles. I need to make more money to better our quality of life. I need to start training lessons in self-defense as a side job.
    I am seeking a donation or an unbeatable deal for 2″ thick floor mats that cover an area of 12′ x 12′ or more. You can reach me at my office at 805-499-1831

  42. I have two Dollamur 15x18x1.5 mats for sale less than a year old blue in great shape.. In Warren Indiana ..1500 for both or best offer


  43. Looking to start a youth wrestling program for a small school. We are a small town school with students that deserve to have a great sport. Looking for either some mats that are gently used for a cheap price or a donation. Will be glad to give you a donation receipt for your taxes. Looking for 40×40 to meet regulations. Thanks for your time. Email at [email protected]

  44. I have 3 rolls of inch and quarter wrestling mat (16×30 per roll) for sale in lincoln park, mi. Mats are red and blue and still in great shape. Looking for $1000 a roll but price is extremely negotiable. Please call 313-928-1044 if interested. I will send pictures as needed.

  45. I am looking for a 10X10 wrestling mat for my husband as a gift. We have been training together but the floor is ripping up our knees and arms. I would love to buy something used (but not gross). We don’t have tons of cash so I’m hoping for a great deal. Email at [email protected]

  46. Starting up a new wrestling program at school. Have very little money and looking for a standard 40×40 mat, any color in decent shape. Please et me know! Thanks

  47. Looking for a full size wrestling mat. Prefer a flex I roll but a conventional 3 piece mat will do. If you know of one for sale or have one please contact me.thanks

  48. looking for used wrestling mat for my 5 kids to practice on in basement….can be any color, just don’t want anything tore, can come in sections…need something very affordable with 5 kids! can contact us at [email protected]. tx!

  49. I have a wrestling club at Concordia University Chicago. I am looking for a full sized wrestling mat that we can use for competition. I have been searching the internet for weeks, and cannot find any that is not several thousand dollars. If anyone has any ideas where to look or has a mat for sale; me and my team are willing to come and pick it up. Please email me if you know anything. [email protected]

  50. I have a used (From a High School) 30×30 Blue Wrestling mat. 3 rolls.Mats are in good shape. Too big to put in my basement so I need to sell so I can buy a small homemat and pay some bills. If intrested email me at [email protected] I am in Nebraska and you would need to come get it, I can not ship or deliver.

  51. I am the PTO President of Cactus Canyon Jr High in Apache Junction AZ . We are a non profit 501c3 organization. We are in need of a 42×42 wrestling mat. We share mats with the high school.. Are schools are tiltle one ,Low income and can really use help getting a mat donated.. If any one can please help it would be greatly appreciated.
    [email protected]

  52. I have a Kelley Green (10 x10, 2 pieces 5 x 10 x 1.25) wrestling mat like new in Chicago, Illinois area. I am looking to sell it for $125.00.

  53. Hello all, my name is Benito and I am looking to start an independent wrestling club in the Woodstock/Marietta area of Georgia. We are in desperate need of some equipment as well as wrestling mats. If anyone knows any company/donation places either in Georgia or online PLS contact me [email protected] or
    770-243-0036 thank you all and Keep wrestling in the Olympics and never lay on your back.

  54. We are hoping to start a middle school wrestling program with minimal resources, if anyone has a mat to donate or sell to us at a low price, we would definitely be interested. We are in East Tennessee.

  55. West Plains Wrestling Club is in dire need of a wrestling mat. We currently practice on 2/3rds of 30 year old HEAVY 3 piece mat. It belongs to former head coach who is moving out of state. We are 501c3. We are in Southern Missouri, West Plains. We will pick up if reasonable distance, We have a limited budget and no High School team at this point, but as a third year club we have grown from 3 wrestlers to more than a dozen! We need mat space so we don’t have to turn away wrestlers. Will consider any reasonable price on decent mats, Thanks

  56. FPCA is in need of a full size wrestling mat 42′ or the 36′ does not matter. We are a new high school and have a wrestling club. I had 5 guys this year and now i have to find a full size mat cause i just added 6 more guys. We was working off of a 10’x10′ but that is not going to work now. Could use some good help here cause with this school being new the money is really tight. We are in south georgia.

  57. My alma mater is resuming high school wrestling after several years ago shutting down the program. Will need to start from scratch. First order of business will be a mat. Anyone with a used mat for sale that could get us thru the first couple of years until we can afford a new one? Please reply with pics if available to:

    [email protected]

  58. We are a non-profit wrestling organization looking for a tournament size mat this is are second year we have 40 kids wrestling this year we are located in pa please any one knows of any mats please let me know at [email protected] or 724 464 7981 my name is Jason thank you

  59. Hello my name is Tevin Bowman I am looking to start a youth wrestling club for inner city kids who have never been introduced to the sport. I am looking for inexpensive or free used mats.. anyone with info feel free to email me at [email protected]

  60. I have an mma gym/ fitness center, and I’m looking for grappling/wrestling matts to help me and my team and students out. Mats are very expensive. I’ve priced them and they are way above my budget. I’m looking for anybody to donate a 10by10 mat. Please email me at [email protected]

    Thank you

  61. Single mom looking for a 8×8 or close to it mat live in Ohio for my for wrestling and his B-Day. Let me know if there is anyone that has one. Even a used one from school or?

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