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3 reasons why your kid should join a wrestling program.

Wrestling has been referred to as the sport of the gods. So it should be a great idea for your kids to start it right? With the rise in popularity of combat sports such as MMA and fight leagues like the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), wrestling has been seen as a cornerstone of the sport […]

Wrestling Mat Tape – Clear and Colored

Looking for some tape to tape down those wrestling mats? Check out our selection of wrestling mat tape including, Suplay’s One Sot, Strip tape and others from Shopzeus, Brute and Olympica. You can choose from clear tape or colored to match your wrestling mats. As cheap as $10 and available on single rolls or in […]

Finding Used Wrestling Mats For Sale

The idea of setting up a wrestling room in a garage or basement is something that more and more people are getting into. Getting a few friends together to do an at home wrestling practice or just wrestling for fun is easy to do, getting a wrestling mat on the other hand is a bit […]