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Proposed New High School Wrestling Weight Classes

Proposed High School Wrestling Weight Classes

Rationale for wrestling weight class options from the NFHS Wrestling Rules Committee.

-These current 14 weight classes have been in place since 1995.
-The 215-pound weight class was added in 2002.
-In 2006, the 275-pound weight class was increased to 285 pounds.
-These weight classes were developed from a survey that the NFHS Wrestling Rules Committee administered in, 1994-95.

-The weights were created from looking at the hydrated body weight at the time of assessment of 195,000, wrestlers from the NWCA Optimal performance calculator.
-Each weight class was created to have approximately 7.14% of the wrestlers.
-Equal distribution of wrestlers in each weight class.
-Eliminates one of the first three weight class. Combines 103, 112 and 119 into two weight classes.

-The weights were created from looking at the minimum wrestling weight (7% weight) at the time of assessment of, 195,000 wrestlers from the NWCA Optimal Performance Calculator.
-Each weight class was created to have approximately 7.14% of the wrestlers.
-Equal distribution of wrestlers in each weight class.
-Adds an 'additional' weight class at the top.
-Creates a weight class in the low 180-pound range.

- The weights were based off using the hydrated body weight at the time of assessment of 195,000 wrestlers from, the NWCA Optimal performance calculator.
-Percentages of distribution was between 7-8%. The first three weights were distributed in the mid 6% range. This, ensured that you did not eliminate the 'small' wrestler not being represented.
-Data supports moving 103 to 107 would greatly increase the number of eligible wrestlers for the first weight class.
-Will decrease the large jump from 103-112-pounds.
-Changes the middle weight increments from 5-pounds to 6-pounds.
-Eliminates the large jump between 171-189-pounds. Makes that a 15-pound jump from 177-192-pounds.
-The prevalence of HS wrestlers (N=195,000) at each of these weight classes, there is an equal distribution (~7%), of wrestlers for each of the weight classes listed. In addition, when reviewing the national data on children from, the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES published 1995), these weight classes are, consistent with the 5th - 95th percentile data on weight for adolescent males aged 15-19.

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37 thoughts on “Proposed New High School Wrestling Weight Classes

  1. Has there been any discussion to add a smaller weight like a 98lb group. It seems like there are and would be alot more smaller wrestlers participate if there was a weight class for them…

  2. I wouldn’t mind seeing Option A with the addition of a 100 lb weight class. I think we need to keep those really small kids involved. Also, USA weights have a 98 lb class, so lets not just drop all of them. I also would like to see the 2 upper weights at 225 and 300.

  3. We definitely need to keep the 103 and I would like to see the 98lb weight class return. My son will have a hard time making 103 by a freshman and probably a sophomore. I know alot of other kids who will have trouble with 103. Keep the lighter weight classes please.

  4. PLEASE do NOT get rid of 103!!! I know a lot of boys who will be in this class. Wrestling is one of the few sports that a naturally small kid can compete in – don’t make this another football where only big kids get to participate. I am all for bringing back 98 lbs.

  5. I also vote for Option A. My son has been naturally small and was even taken to the specialists to make sure everything was alright. The doctors said that he was fine but in the 1 percentile of his age group which means that 5′ 4″ will probably be as tall as he gets. The world isn’t getting bigger. The height and weight depends on the genetics. KEEP 103 and even bring back 98lbs.

  6. eliminating the 103 will push more kids out of wrestling. There are MANY wrestlers who have trouble making 103 because they are lighter than 103. The problem is that the practices are more focused on the bigger wrestlers and the 103 wrestlers have difficulty physically keeping up. Last year there were many wrestlers who were between 85-100 lbs wrestling 103. This suggestion to change is a GREAT way to push more kids OUT of wrestling.

  7. My son is also a 9th grade 89lb kid, and although he is a JO State Qualifer three years in a row, he has to wrestle with the junior high team even though the varsity team takes 9th graders. He also plays football and you knows that because of his size he will never be a starter. But that is ok to him because he has alway had wrestling, which is a level playing ground when it comes to size. If you raise the weight again you will have elimated the only sport small guys can participate in equally

  8. in girls wrestling the 95 and 102 has not much of a defference, i see that 95s are usally younger girls and 102 are usally upper classmen, if a 102 moves to 95 they dominate. if they just have 103 for JV itd probably be more successful for younger/smaller kids. What about the jump between 216-285. the larger guys should have a 240 or 250 to make that a little bit more fair for the guys.

  9. I think there should be a split in the 285 lb weight class. My son is a freshman that weighs about 230 and he is having to wrestle 55 lbs up So if it could just be split in half or something to get that weight class divided up just a little.

  10. Couldn’t disagree more FemaleLowerWeight. My son will be in 10th grade and will still weigh less than 103. He is very good – state qualifier, definitely Varsity level. Why relegate him to JV just because he’s small?

  11. I agree Chip. I have a son who is going to struggle to even come close to 103 by 9th grade. My husband and I are both smaller build individuals-why punish these kids? I’m afraid by doing this it will force kids to do things to “bulk them up” like juicing….do we really want to encourage that?

  12. Why is the case never made for the 225 pounders who often give up 15-25% of his body weight. When I was a kid growing up in the 70’s wrestling was a sport for all. For way to long now we’ve barred a fair amount of good athletes. We need a 240 and unlimited. We are loosing more and more upper classmen and catering the freshmen. There are junior high divisions for those lighter guy to compete in. Thirty years ago the lowest weight was 101, it doesn’t take a genius to know that the average size of High School aged kids has grown more than 2% in that span. We’ve atleast given some relief on th upper end moving from 180+/- to 189 and 215. It wasn’t uncommon for 200lbs to wrestle 400lbs in those days. Some of the most decorated wrestlers in collegiate wrestling were well over 300lbs. Let’s face it who are we penalizing the smaller kids or larger. Those 100# kids could give up 10% of there weight to compete couldn’t they, atleast they have the choice. Reflect back to where I started.

  13. ah bring back 98lb becuz im like a strong beast wrestler who is on varsity at 103. it hard but not really sometimes because im good & other ppl think ill better if it was a 98 wieght class

  14. i weigh 82 lbs i don’t think i will reach 103 by the end of the summer will they still let me wrestle?

  15. as someone who has been trying to lose weight to get to 152, I think option C is the best for most ppl because it opens up the midddleweight weight divisions and it allows ppl to not cut as much and still be healthy, trust me I cut to 152 from 170 last yr and for the 1st 3 tourneys it was absolutely hell, so I think a expanded division will do the sport good.

  16. Read ALL before you comment about my post. Please and ThanksBring back the 98! I personally would love them to change 103 and to 107, because i tried to cut to 103 and it sucked i didnt make it. The trainer at my school said that since i was below 5% body fat (yes im a girl so thats really bad.)oh and i know what your thinking,shes a girl blah blah blah she didnt try hard enough. I stayed two hours after practice but never made it. so yea thats my personal opinion, but its better for me to move it to 107, BUT NOT the rest of the wrestling comunity. it would be better to stay the same and add 98 back to the classes.

  17. i am a 103, i know personally that first of all, there are seldom any wrestlers under 100 lbs. and it doesnt matter anyways because you are allowed to be 70 lbs and wrestle 103, thats the beauty of it being the lowest weight…these statements about 103 being safe where it is, are false and naive, every year you see hundreds of 103’s who are naturally 120 or so (like i was) and starve themselves and wrestle with almost no energy because of the extreme cut. its unsafe, it messes with your head,it causes these kids (like me) to do illegal things such as using saunas and trash bags to shed weight, and it leaves permanent problems to wrestler’s health. i had to injury default out of a tournament due to the cut i was making and im willing to do whatever i can to change 103 up to 106 or 107 etc. in my state there were 3 103’s that were suposed to place, and unfortunately didn’t get a chance because they missed weight…its just destroying the sport and i fully support the weight bump

  18. all these other comments against the weight change are false opinions and lost causes for kids that just dont want to have to face bigger 103’s…trust me, i was about 90 lbs. wrestling at 103, once you cut weight, it changes your views on things

  19. I am a 112 and it will be hard to make 112 again next year and alot of kids all around MA are going to be very dehidrated and cutting unhealthy so I am very for the weight bump

  20. Personally think this is an excellent move. I understand some 9th graders will be disappointed but lets face it there are not too many juniors and seniors in the lowest weight classes unless they are losing 30 pounds to get there. I too often see juniors and seniors losing a lot of weight to make the line up because the upper weights have such a wide gap. How many kids play football at 185 and then wrestle 20 pounds lighter? It seems today most kids are falling between 145 to 189. How many big kids are going to states as 13 and 14 year olds but may not make the starting line up till their junior or senior year. How many schools are forfeiting at 103 pounds? One thing I hate to see in the sport is kids losing weight and messing their bodies up for life. Maybe the weight changes will push coaches to do more strength workouts to get their kids to gain weight. Personally I just think our society is getting bigger and stronger. Maybe it is all the hormones in our meat but it is what it is.

  21. One more thing to add….One makes the argument that they need smaller weights because their kids don’t have a chance at football. There are other sports such as soccer, baseball,weightlifting, pole vaulting. Football is only one sport. Also i knew a kid who took 4th at states who was only 5’4″ but wrestled 152lbs. He played football at 165. If a kid is 5 foot tall and lifts weights when he gets into 8th grade he will easily be 120 lbs.

  22. I am against the weight change because i have found that smaller schools, including my own, have a hard time as it is finding bigger kids to fill the heavier weight classes and i think that this change only adds to the existing problem.

  23. I like the idea of option B because of the added upper weight class below 220 and still keeping a lower weight class below 110, all of this comeing from a high school wrestler

  24. well honestly everyone is making a big deal about the 103 weight class.. i dont see the problem just because u are only going to be 5’4 it doesnt matter gain muscle weight and also no one says they have to wrestle on jv if there good enough to beat that 103 their coach will find a loops hole or something!

  25. I say make the change to Option B, but add back the 98lb weight class. This will close the gap in the upper weight class but in turn make things better for the lower weight class. Lets face it, there isn’t much to loose in regards to weight for the lighter weights. As it stands right now most states has a minimum weight before a kid is allowed to wrestle, in our state it’s 93lbs.
    But, a kid needs to think long term. Does he want to wrestle in college or not. If so, he should be trying to get up to 140lbs by the time he graduates just so he might be able to wrestle 125lbs in college. Trying to cut weight to make 103lbs – 112lbs in his senior year just for a State title isn’t going to him any good if wants to wrestle college.

  26. Let’s not all just vote for option A like everyone is a small kid…I mean option B solves the problem of growing 103’s and also is able to rectify the HUGE issue i have with the 171 and 189 weight classes currently…somebody in those weight classes can not successfully bump weights in a dual meet without messing up the whole team. Also option A when adding a 98 lb class will be stupid…a 12 lb leap??? that’s crazy. With option B if they were able to squeeze the 98 lb class in it would be a healthier and easier to work with 8 lb jump. Much more sensible

  27. For a freshmen like me who has to wrestle upper weights the only options i like where A or C because 160 was the weight im most needed at, but making it 167 would help me alot

  28. I have wrestled all my life and have the skills to be very good. I think option C is the best but they need to put in one or the other 98lbs. or 103lbs. Last year I weighed at 122lbs. and was trying to cut down to 112. Well it didn’t go to good because once I got down to 115lbs. I felt like I had nothing in me so I think that 114lbs. or 115lbs. will be good enough

  29. why not add a 15 th weight class keep more kids involved in the sport. this should be the primary goal for all schools.

    keep 103 ilb class!!

  30. My son just started wrestling as an incomming freshman. He is only 85 pounds. We need some additional lower weight classes as well so that these kids can safely develop their skills.

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