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Wrestling Pumpkin Carving Patterns

Looking for some cool pumpkin carving ideas? Why not wrestling? Some of these should be relatively simple, others may be more difficult. Either way, your house is going to have the best pumpkin this Halloween. Some of these images aren’t…

Halloween Skeleton Wrestler

Halloween is coming. What do you want to be this year? Luchadors and more – now at Morris Hills High School!  via shoppurpledahlias

The Easiest Halloween Costume : Wrestler.

What better way to spend Halloween than in something you’re comfortable in? Like wrestling gear. If you’re a wrestler this is quite possibly the easiest costume too. Here’s what you’ll need: Wrestling Shoes (ones you’re not wearing on the mat…

Wrestling Halloween Pumpkins

  Carving pumpkins can be an art. Mine usually have triangle eyes and the typical mouth. However, these wrestling pumpkins are much cooler! Maybe next time I’ll try carving one of these. via @jalen_fujita and @bastian110