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    U.S.A., 2003, 10 min, Color
    “UnderDog” is a comedy about a young boy who is the worst wrestler on his team. Struggling with the desire to be accepted by his teammates, our hero learns that feeling like a winner can happen even when you lose.

    Sponsored by the USA Wrestling, Asics Athletics,, CAGWA (Children’s Age Group Wrestling Association) and

    “You should be given an award for the things you do to represent our sport in Hollywood”
    Dan Gable

    “Great work… Can I have your autograph?”
    Danny Hodge

    Dennis Leoni
    Executive Producer of Resurrection Blvd.

    It’s worldwide and you haven’t seen it yet!?
    What’s 10 minutes of laughter in your life?
    Gather the kids! Put the volume up!

    GO HERE >>
    GO HERE>>

    While visiting the website you will also find poems for wrestlers and even a new wrestling cheer!

    Tournament directors are invited to screen the film at thier local or state tournemtns!

    Pura Vida,

    Henry K. Priest
    Executive Producer of the wrestling film titled “UnderDOG”
    Tim Braden in the Walt Disney wrestling movie titled “Spooner”

    Many people don’t know this but I started my career in film in 1989. When I was wrestling at Rio Hondo Community College in southern California my coach received a phone call from Hollywood because they were looking for wrestlers for a Walt Disney movie titled Spooner. The film starred Robert Urich and Jane Kazmerik. I auditioned and got the part of Tim Braden, “the lightweight wrestler with a heavyweight heart.” The film aired on national television and on the Walt Disney Channel in the early 1990’s. Since then I went on to become a teacher and wrestling coach. But always kept a foot in the film industry as an actor and filmmaker overall. With my recent career change I have been successful in establishing myself as the “go to” guy for scenes that require amateur wrestling. I have written, directed, coordinated stunts and produced projects for companies like Nike, Adidas, Motrin Medication, SBC Global and others. I am now slated to produce a few feature films about our sport! Look out for my emails, as I would like to incorporate the wrestling community on these projects. During the production of UnderDOG I was able to cast many southern California wrestlers. This was very special to me because now I was in a position to introduce wrestlers to the film community just as I was introduced back in 1989.

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