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Is it OK to wear wrestling shoes off the mat?

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Every now and then you see wrestlers walking around in their wrestling shoes off the mat. Is this ok? Should they be doing that? Well... yes and no.

Are you wearing them on the mat?

If the wrestling shoes you're wearing are also used on the mat, then you should NOT be wearing them off the mat.

The dirt and junk that your shoes pick up off the mat should never go on the mat. They can pick up bacteria that can be spread to other wrestlers when contaminated shoes get back onto the mat. Not to mention that any rocks or dirt can harm the mat itself.

If your wrestling shoes are going on the mat, they should only be worn on the mat.

Not wearing them on the mat?

If you're not wrestling, then feel free to wear them whenever, wherever. They're your shoes, so enjoy them.

I know there are a lot of people who will say that wearing wrestling shoes as regular shoes is not a good idea. And they're partially right.

The main reason is that wrestling shoes don't offer much in the way of arch support or overall cushion. Even though they are extremely comfortable on the mat, you'll find that hard surfaces off the mat can be not as nice. However, get a good pair of shoe insoles and you can make up for the lack of arch support and cushion.

Other than that, go ahead and wear your wrestling shoes. You probably paid a pretty penny for them, and chances are you're never going to use them on the mat again, so why not wear them?

Wrestling shoes look good with jeans and actually look a lot like other shoes so people probably won't even notice. Even if they do, they're much cooler than Crocs and people wear those everywhere.

Wrestling shoes are great for working around the house if you don't want to wear them out. Maybe doing some work in the garage or home repairs, you've got them, wear them.

They can be a good replacement for slippers as well. Not to mention they'll be more comfortable and give you more support than a pairĀ of slippers from the store.

Going out in the water? Why not wear a pair of shoes that you can just toss in the dryer when you get home? An old pair of wrestling shoes are great for this.

If you no longer need your wrestling shoes, then consider donating them to a local wrestling club, school, or there is a non-profit that will accept wrestling shoes for kids that can't afford them. Don't just toss them, help make another kids wrestling dream come true.

Lets face it, once you're done wrestling, or get a new pair of wrestling shoes, the old ones probably still have some life in them. Don't just toss them away, wear them or donate them. Show your wrestling pride.

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