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All In – Adidas

Are you all in? Are you dedicated and determined? Is wrestling your life?

Wrestling Stops Traffic

Not exactly sure what the video is for, but it’s pretty sweet to watch. Needless to say, don’t wrestle in traffic.

NCAA Wrestler Loses Eligibility Because He Made an Inspirational Rap Song Under His Real Name

The International Olympic Committee may have kicked wrestling out of the Olympics, but the ancient sport lives on in the lives of the many amateur athletes still taking part in competitions. One wrestler at the University of Minnesota may have seen his days as a competitive wrestler come to an end, however ” all because […]

Wrestling will not go down without a fight. #SaveOlympicWrestling

It’s not to late to save Olympic wrestling. Make your voices heard.

Dan Gable Asks For Your Help With Keeping Wrestling In The Olympic Games

The United States wrestling team and Dan Gable are asking for your help to keep wrestling as an Olympic event. The International, Olympic, Committee this week recommended dropping the sport “a staple of the games since they began in 1896 “beginning in 2020. A final decision is expected later this year. A, Russian coach, furious about the International Olympic […]

Harlem Shake – Wrestling Team Style – 22 Videos

Everyone seems to be doing the, Harlem Shake. There are thousands of videos popping up and wrestlers like to shake it just like everyone else. Here are a bunch of wrestlers dancing the, Harlem Shake. Ohio State Wrestling Harlem Shake “ªHarlem Shake (NIACC WRESTLING)”¬

Tiebreaker Lifts Iowa Over Minnesota, 16-15

In front of crowd of nearly nine thousand fans, Minnesota and Iowa split the dual, winning five bouts apiece, for a 15-15 tie. The deciding factor came down to a factor of tiebreaker criteria, in which case the Hawkeyes came out ahead on the third rule, match points (41-33). The loss is the second of […]

A large light fixture crashes onto a wrestler during a high school wrestling match!

Wrestlers have to endure a lot of pain in wrestling, but Michael McComish got more than he expected with a light fixture fell from the rafters and landed on top of him. The video leads up to the incident, if you want to jump right to it, skip ahead to 59 seconds then watch for […]

Jordan Burroughs Wrestling Diet

This video was made before the Olympics,but it’s, defiantly, worth the watch! Wrestlers think about food a lot. Adding calories when they’re training hard and cutting calories when they’re trying to make weight. World champ wrestler Jordan Burroughs takes us to the Olympic Training Center cafeteria in Colorado Springs to give us the inside scoop on what […]

Jordan Burroughs teaching defense on your feet at FCA Wrestling Camp.

Watch and learn!

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