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AMES, Iowa “For Iowa State’s current 141-pound wrestling standout, a former Cyclone 141-pound NCAA champion is in his corner all the way this season. Luckily for Nick Gallick, it’s his workout partner, coach and older brother, Nate Gallick.

The Gallick brothers don’t have a sibling rivalry. Nate and Nick Gallick’s relationship could be more closely described as a partnership. Their brotherly arrangement exists in the realms of both collegiate and freestyle wrestling. They want to be the best and sometimes the road to being on top is a hard path to take.

Brothers are sometimes the most hard on each other, but for the Gallick brothers; that is part of their goal.

“Having Nate back in the room with me on a daily basis will be good,” Nick Gallick said. “That is going to help me. I’m really excited he is back.”

Nick Gallick has shadowed his older brother’s career closely in his time in a Cyclone singlet. The younger Gallick is a two-time All-American heading into his senior season, like his older brother. Nate Gallick finished his senior season as the 2006 NCAA 141-pound champion and is now a volunteer coach on ISU’s wrestling coaching staff.

“We’ve had pretty similar careers here at Iowa State,” Nate Gallick said. “I think he fell short a little bit last year, but I think he’s had the capability to be a national champion.”

ISU’s Nick Gallick plans to couple the knowledge of the new coaching staff, led by Iowa State head coach Kevin Jackson, with his own work ethic.

“I’m putting in the extra work,” Nick Gallick said. “I’m getting with all the coaches and I’m really excited about the coaching staff. They are helping me work on areas that I need to work on.”

Nick Gallick’s focus remains on the collegiate arena while Nate Gallick’s gaze has shifted towards the top of the national freestyle ranks. Nate Gallick feels that being back in a recognizable wrestling room can push him towards the summit of the international wrestling scene.

“Ames is a familiar training environment for me,” Nate Gallick said. “I’ll have great workout partners. Being here with Coach Jackson is awesome. I’m really fortunate to have him be able to coach me.”

Nate Gallick is a force to be reckoned with in freestyle wrestling. Competing at 60 kg (132 pounds), Gallick took first-place honors at the 2007 U.S. Senior Nationals and placed third at the 2008 Olympic Team Trials. An injury suffered while wrestling overseas hampered Gallick over the last year, but he has returned to top-form since leaving his post as assistant coach at Tennessee-Chattanooga for Iowa State.

“I learned a lot about coaching while at Chattanooga,” Nate Gallick said. “Being down there with Coach Bono helped me learn a lot and I think I’ll be able to come back here and help our guys. I will also make them appreciate what they have here at Iowa State.”

Several of today’s seniors cemented their places in the lineup as freshmen. Gallick wants to put an impressive stamp on the final chapter of his Cyclone career.

“I think we’ve done great things as a class,” Nick Gallick said. “We have so much potential that we are definitely going to go for it all this year. We’re here working to ensure that we get it.”

Older brother Nate Gallick echoes his younger brother in his confidence behind the ISU title hunt. In his supporting role, Nate Gallick will still enjoy the thrill of victory.

“I can’t wait until March,” Nate Gallick said. “I’m really excited. I know these seniors really well. I want to be in their corner. I want to help them reach their individual goals. I want to be part of a national championship team. This team has potential.”

In regards to the coaching corner, those faithful to Cyclone wrestling will see a new staff of familiar faces. Jackson, along with his staff, have taken the helm in Ames. Nate Gallick has experience with Jackson from the Olympic Training Center and expects great things in the coaching department.

“When we are showing technique to the wrestlers, we’ll be demonstrating the same techniques, along with the rest of the staff.” Nate Gallick said.

Current Iowa Stater Nick Gallick affirms his older brother’s confidence in the new staff.

“I think our coaching staff will be super technical,” Nick Gallick said. “They are in here pushing us to work. As much time as we are willing to put in; they will be here for us. That work will take us far.”

Constructive criticism in coaching from a sibling might not be the easiest to take. For the Gallicks, pinpointing areas of wrestling technique refinement is of the utmost importance.

“I’m probably one of his main workout partners,” Nate Gallick said. “When I see him doing something wrong; I’m his brother, so I can’t help but tell him. If he sees me doing something wrong, I hope he tells me. I respect his wrestling skills as much as he respects mine. We are both being here to help each other.”

Nick Gallick ventured even further to note that he looks at his older brother as more than just a sibling, but as an indispensible asset of wrestling knowledge.

“He’ll be able to help me out and I’ll be able to help him,” Nick Gallick said. “Nate being here is going to be nothing but positive things for me.”

The older Gallick emphasized the importance of his younger brother’s senior season.

“This is his senior year and I think he’s got the skills, technique and mindset to win a national title,” Nate Gallick said. “Overall, he’s had a great career here, win or lose.”

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