Intermat’s Wrap-Up of Beast of the East: Results

By Jason Bryant
[email protected]

Team Sportsmanship Award: Cumberland Valley (PA)
Outstanding Wrestler: Alex Meade (Caesar Rodney)
Governor’s Cup: Caesar Rodney


103 pounds
Nick Schenk (McDonogh) dec. Pat Owens (Germantown Academy) 3-1, TB
No scoring in the first minute as both Owens and Schenk are tentative and working mainly on inside control and front headlocks. No scoring and Schenk will start down. Owens immediately throws in the legs and starts looking for the power half to work. Restart at 1:25. Owens now working a crabride after the restart and trying to power over Schenk. Ownes flattening out Schenk with no score with :58 to go as a stalemate is called. Owens now working with a bar arm tilt and trying to drive Schenk over. Schenk nearly gets free as they go out of bounds with :25 to go in the second. Owens still in control, gets high and throws in a leg to keep from flipping over top of Schenk. Period will end scoreless and with Owens having choice. Owens warned for stalling at the end of the period and he’ll start down in the third. Owens hits a switch and gets free 13 seconds into the period and now has a 1-0 lead as we’re back to neutral. Schenk working a frontheadlock, trying to spin behind, but Owens posting on the hip and a stalemate is called at 1:22. Schenk with another front headlock and Owens fights out of this one. Another stalemate with :44 to go. Schenk sweeping the far leg and now looking for a head throw, Owens bailing out of the move without giving up any points. Owens in on a single, but that one’s stalemated out with :18 to go. Owens hit for stalling again with under 10 to go to tie the match 1-1 and we go to overtime. Stalemate after both hang on the head and arm with :39 to go in sudden victory. Schenk dives in for the leg, nearly gets the two as Owens is dumped to his butt. No scoring and we’ll go to the first 30 second tiebreaker. Schenk scores a reversal after starting on bottom and holds with a crab ride as the period ends. Owens starts down in the second tiebreaker and tries to work up to his base, but Schenk riding tough and blood time is called with seven seconds to go. That’s the final.

112 pounds
Eric Olanowski (Kellam) dec. Chris Villalonga (Blair Academy) 8-2
Villalonga on the attack early, in on a leg and Olanowski scrambles out of it, drawing a stalemate. Same thing again as Villalonga goes underneath, snatches a leg and Olanowski again creating a stalemate situation. No score after the first 90 seconds, and both wrestlers stil on their feet. Olanowski snaps Villalonga down and locks up a cradle and turns Villalonga to his back and looks for the fall, but time runs out and Olanowski’s up 5-0 starting the second and Villalong will start on bottom. Olanowski throws in a crab ride with a half, but the two go out of bounds with 1:11 to go in the second. Olanowsk trying a series of tilts but gets sloppy and gives up a reversal at the end of the period and Olanowski will start the third up 5-2, but in the down position. Villalonga trying to ride with a tightwaist and a claw, but Olanowski sits out, grabs Villalonga’s foot and we draw a stalemate. Villalonga riding tough and trying to tilt, but Olanowski flattens out and is doing nothing on bottom. Olanowski hit for stalling and Villalonga driving a DEEP half but can’t get the turn and Olanowski will take the championship.

119 pounds
Fred Santaite (Northern Highlands) dec. Chris Sheetz (Upper Perkiomen) 5-3
First 45 seconds has little action and most hang on the head. On the restart, Santaite in on a single and Sheetz limp arms out of a whizzer and comes in control to take a 2-0 lead with :44 to go. Santaite immediately free to cut the score 2-1. End of the period and Santaite will defer and Sheetz will start down. Sheetz gets free in the first 10 seconds to take a 3-1 lead. Santaite latches on to a leg. Sheetz backs off and then tries to work from a front headlock. Restart with :14 to go in the seconds and we’re still neutral. End of the period and Santaite will start the third down with Sheetz leading 3-1. Sheetz working with a solid ride, looking to bar up the arm, but Santaite trying to peel the wrist. Sheetz hit for stalling at 1:18. Sheetz cuts Santaite loose after the restart to cut the lead to 3-2. Sheetz controlling the center and Santaite trying to force the action and perhaps a stall call. Stalling is called, Santaite drives in, dumps Sheetz to his butt and gets a takedown to win the Beast in the closing seconds.

125 pounds
Dan White (Peddie School) dec. John Trumbetti (St. Joseph’s Regional) 7-4
White scores first, spinning behind Trumbetti on a single leg attempt. Trumbetti quickly gets out, but White with the 2-1 lead after they battle on their feet for another 45 seconds. White creating space and motion. White starts the second period down. Trumbetti riding with the boots in and White not being very active on the bottom. White to his feet and finally gets out with 1:14 left in the second and White now leading 3-1. Trumbetti with a half shot, but White stuffs it again, swims behind and gets the takedown. He throws in the turk and starts to drive Trumbetti over, but the offical stops the match for a potentially dangerous situation. Blood time now for Trumbetti. White cuts Trumbetti loose and nearly scores at the end of the period. Trumbetti will start down in the third. Trumbetti out to cut the lead to 5-3 with under 1:00 to go. Another counter on a Trumbetti shot turns into points for White as he’s now up 7-3. He sucks Trumbetti back and gets a one count, but then cuts him as the match ends.

130 pounds
Tyler Nauman (Middletown) dec. Kellen Russell (Blair Academy) 3-2
A lot of motion in the early going as Nauman is on the attack, but Russell is countering and a quick restart. Nauman goes up 2-0 on a slick throwby, sinks in the leg for control and a 2-0 lead. Russell gets free and Nauman leads 2-1. End of the first and Russell will start down. Russell tripods out and tries to switch, but Nauman hanging on the leg. Russell gets free to tie the score and Nauman trying to start some offense with a front headlock. End of the second period and we’re still tied up and Nauman has choice and we’ll start down. Russell with a sprial ride and Nauman to his feet to take a 3-2 lead. Russell gets behind but Nauman Granbys out and comes up with a leg as both are scrambling. Out of bounds with 1:00 to go in the match and we’re standing. Nauman hangs on a leg as Russell trying to come around, but Nauman not giving up the leg and time will run out and Nauman knocks off Russell.

135 pounds
Trevor Melde (Delbarton) dec. Max Shanaman (Blair Academy) 6-2
Shanaman deep on a single and elevating Melde, but Melde settles back and nearly comes away with a double leg as Shanaman fights off his efforts on the edge of the mat. Restart at 1:05 with the match scoreless. Melde with a throwby and then sinks in a turk and immediately turned with a hard crossface and Melde’s up 4-0. End of the period and Shanaman will start neutral. Shanaman slaps the head and Melde lowers his level and hits nice reshot and comes out the back door to go up 6-0. Melde sinks the turk in again and starts to drive Shanaman over, but Shanaman fights but still finds himself in a six-point hole going into the third period and Melde with choice starting on bottom. Shanaman keeping the pressure, riding out Melde, but Shanaman picks up two points for stalling, but Melde looked solid with the victory and takes home the title at 135 pounds.

140 pounds
Mario Mason (Blair Academy) dec. Tommy Abbott (St. Mark’s) 3-1, SV
No scoring in the early 30 seconds and Abbott a home favorite here with a pro-Delaware crowd. Still little action as both wrestlers do know each other, but Mason gets in deep on a double, Abbott defending well and we stay neutral with no score with :26 left in the first. Abbott changes levels and tries a double, but the two then wait out the last two seconds of the period. Abbott wins the toss and will take down. Abbott quickly up, but Mason drives Abbott off the mat to maintain control. Abbott gets free to take a 1-0 lead. Both wrestlers keeping the action in the center of the mat, but Abbott still holding a 1-0 lead with under :30 to go in the second period. Mason tries a misdirection duck and Abbott just pushes it aside and we’ll have no more scoring in the second. Mason has choice now and he’ll go down. Mason gets out and ties up the score. Under a minute to go. Abbott takes a bad shot and Mason nearly comes behind. Time winding down. Now in sudden victory, but Mason gets the takedown driving in deep and gets the points to win 3-1.

145 pounds
Alex Meade (Caesar Rodney) dec. Frank Molinaro (Southern Regional) 10-4
A lot of motion and both Meade and Molinaro spending more time staying away from ties than taking shots. Meade really moving quite a bit and tank-like Molinaro keeping up. Stoppage as Molinaro gets a finger to the eye. Restart with :09 in the first and both still tying up at the end of the period. Molinaro wins the toss and will take down. Meade shows optional start, obviously more comfortable on his feet. Molinaro out for a 1-0 lead. Molinaro with a outside single attempt, and a lot of movement. Meade nearly picks the ankle as the two drive out of bounds into the scorers table. Meade in on a shot Molinaro whizzers hard and scores two at the end of the period to take a 2-1 lead. Meade starts down in the third. A quick start and Meade catches Molinaro’s nose with the back of his head. Blood time starts and Molinaro showing much discomfort. Restart now and another blood stoppage. Molinaro can’t hold Meade down and he gets the escape to take a 3-1 lead and we’ve got another blood stoppage. Meade in with another takedown. Molinaro gets cut loose to cut the score to 5-2 with :48 to go. Meade with a driving double and Molinaro visibly upset after an injury time. Molinaro out but Meade now in on another double and up 9-3. More extra curricilar activity after the whistle. Molinaro hit for a point and then Meade gives up the escape and Meade wins 10-4.

152 pounds
Luke Lanno (Southern Regional) dec. Sean Bilodeau (Brooks School) 7-5
Lanno in on a shot righ away and gets two. Bilodeau gets out and then scores a takedown of his own. Lanno strikes right back with a reversal and it’s 4-3 with a minute gone in the first period. Lanno working with a tightwaist but no further scoring in the first period. Bilodeau will start the second period down. Bilodeau trying to free his hips, but now trying to pull Lanno across his body, but they drive out of bounds and will restart with 1:18 left in the second. Bilodeau scoots around and scores the reversal, but Lanno answers right back, doubling off for a reversal of his own to take a 6-5 lead with :29 to go in the second. Starting the third, Lanno on bottom and Bilodeau with the crab ride, but Lanno gets out and takes a 7-5 lead. Lanno in on a single and Bilodeau tries to horse him over, but Lanno is holding off and becomes an unlikely Beast champion with a solid win.

160 pounds
Quentin Wright (Bald Eagle Area) dec. Luke Rebertus (Caravel Academy) 4-3
Wright starts with some vicious underhooks but there’s little action in the first 90 seconds of the match, but then with 20 seconds to go in the first period, Wright powers a dump, dropping Rebertus on his butt to end the period and Wright takes a 2-0 leads. Wright starts on bottom and tries to hit a switch, but Rebertus working a tough crossface trying to muscle Wright over. Rebertus looking for a stall as Wright not moving on the bottom. Wright tripods out and tries to switch again and Rebertus still hanging on the leg, but Wright comes around to get the reversal and take a 4-0 lead. Rebertus counters with a reversal at the end of the period. Rebertus gets free after starting down and closes the score to 4-3 with 1:30 to go. Rebertus in on a leg and locks a cradle, but still no points. Rebertus draws a stall call as Wright trying to circle but can’t keep in. Wright holds on for a 4-3 win.

171 pounds
Cory Peltier (Blair Academy) pin Kyle Kiss (Ocean Township) 3:24.
Kiss gets behind Peltier and drops him to the mat, but Peltier right back to his feet and no takedown awarded. No score at the end of the first and Peltier gets out to start the second. Kiss in on a single but Peltier posting. Peltier in on a single and scores the takedown on the edge to take a 3-0 lead. Peltier locks up a cradle and gets the fall at 3:24.

189 pounds
Jamelle Jones (Dover) pin Mike Pushpak (Brecksville) 1:32
Jones scores on a spin behind one minute into the match and goes old school, like grade school, with a jacknife for the fall at 1:32.

215 pounds
Cody Gardner (Christiansburg) dec. Jared Platt (Blair Academy) 2-1, TB
One minute goes by and Garnder working much of the action with underhooks and Platt in on a single leg and Gardner trying to step around and Garnder grabs his knee and injury time is called. No scoring and we go back to the middle with no score. End of the period and Platt has choice and he takes down. Platt gets out in five seconds and takes a 1-0 lead. Nothing much going on. End of the second period and Garnder takes down and nearly scores a reversal but Platt bails out and gives up one and not two and guess what, we’re tied at 1-1 with 1:30 to go. A flurry of action and Platt went for a throw, Garnder countered and nearly scored but time ran out and we’re heading to overtime. Platt came in on a double, grabbed both ankles but Garnder quickly locked around the waist to draw a stalemate. We now go to the tiebreakers. Gardner flattens Platt out and rides him out. Now Gardner starts on bottom. Platt cuts Gardner loose and gets in on a double but Gardner holds on to win his third Beast championship.

285 pounds
Jake Marcey (Woodberry Forest) inj. def. Mike Mutch (Nazareth) 4:08 (Marcey leading 5-2)
A lot of movement from a couple of big guys, but Marcey scores a point somehow (we missed it) in the first period. Very active heavies and this match is actually fairly good considering it’s the weakest of the tournament. Both wrestlers spent the first period attacking and looking for scoring opportunities. Mutch scores a reversal to start the second as Marcey got sloppy, but Marcey ties it up at 2-2 with an escape. Blood time for Mutch. Both charging, looking for body locks. More blood time for Mutch. Fans trickling out are missing a fun bout. Lots of motion. Caution for Marcey for cheating the start and we’ll end the second period tied at 2-2. More blood time. Marcey gets free and body locks Mutch to his back out of bounds for a takedown. Mutch writhing in pain as injury time is called. Mutch cannot continue, but Marcey will win by injury default at 4:08 while leading 5-2.

103 #5 Frank Cagnina (Bergen Catholic) dec. #10 Jordan Glykas (Northampton) 8-2
112 #3 Kyle Lang (Brecksville) dec. #4 Matt Snyder (Lewistown) 7-3
119 #2 Frank Perrelli (Delbarton School) dec. #6 Andrew Williams (Tabb) 8-3
125 #13 Robbie Miller (Reynolds) dec. #3 Grant Lowther (Trinity) 8-6, SV
130 #4 Mike Robinson (Lewistown) dec. #7 Bobby Ward (Nazareth) 5-4
135 #4 Chris Diaz (Caesar Rodney) dec. #5 Dale Fava (Don Bosco Prep) 5-4
140 #5 Jamal Parks (Tulsa Union) MED FOR #4 Luke Silver (Bishop Lynch)
145 #5 Mallie Shuster (Big Spring) dec. #8 Grant Paswall (Bald Eagle Area) 3-0
152 #4 Johnny Koepp (Bishop Lynch) dec. #2 Tim Darling (Nazareth) 6-4
160 #3 Thad Frick (Nazareth) dec. Ethan Headlee (Waynesburg) 3-1
171 #4 Lawrence Beckman (Reynolds) dec. Clint Podish (Waynesburg) 1-0
189 #4 Scott Cust (Great Bridge) dec. #9 Jake Bohn (Mount St Joes) 8-2
215 #3 Justin Powell (Boardman) MD #6 Kevin Struble (Bald Eagle Area) 11-1
285 #4 Justin Haines (Connellsville) dec. #2 Matthew Richardson (Great Bridge) 1-0

103 #6 Sean Boylan (Holy Spirit) dec. #3 Sean Dolan (St Marks) 6-3
112 #6 Cody Kelly (Reynolds) dec. #9 Chris Keech (Caesar Rodney) 4-1
119 Mike Holcomb (Kellam) MED FOR #1 Connor McDonald (Sussex Central)
125 #4 Matt Bonson (Lewistown) MD. #5 Zac Coulas (Ocean Township) 11-1
130 #11 Shane Smith (Upper Perkiomen) dec. Ben Canning (Tabb) 2-0
135 #10 Brandon Bucher (Northern) dec. #11 Mike Greck (Nazareth) 3-0
140 #2 Zack Kemmerer (Upper Perkiomen) pin #10 Orlando Colon (Hodgson) 1:22
145 #3 Seth Vernon (Tulsa Union) dec. #6 Andrew Clement (Christiansburg) 4-0
152 #6 Jared King (Great Bridge) pin #5 Joey Sheridan (Tulsa Union) 3:16
160 Willie Mello (Great Bridge) MED FOR #1 Brandon Hatchett (Oviedo)
171 #6 Vinnie Ranouto (Caravel) dec. #5 Matt Jones (Robinson) 5-3
189 #3 JC Oddo (Eastside) dec. #6 Mac Mancuso (Holy Spirit) 7-2
215 #4 Derrick Hockensmith (Cumberland Valley) MED FOR #5 George Kocher (Bergen Catholic)
285 #10 Mike Maynard (William Penn) dec. Chris Rickards (Sussex Tech) 6-0

103 #4 Frank Goodwin (Mount St Joes) MD #7 Anthony Buxton (Blair Academy) 9-0
112 #10 Andrew Bannister (Bishop McNamara) dec. #12 Austin Clouse (Mount St Joes) 4-1
119 #10 Luis Burgos (Caesar Rodney) pin #5 Aaron Kalil (Salem) 4:17
125 #8 Denny Herndon (Grafton) dec. #7 Jason DeLuca (Northern) 4-3
130 #2 Collin Dozier (Cox) dec. #8 Derek Gillespie (Great Bridge) 5-3
135 Josh Long (Middletown) dec. #7 Ryan Benzel (Kellam) 6-1
140 #9 Derek Stueben (Northern Highlands) dec. #11 Steve Nestor (Reynolds) 3-1
145 #7 Aaron Nestor (Reynolds) dec. #4 Dallas Bailey (Catoosa) 3-1
152 #1 Eric Medina (Blair Academy) dec. Keith Hynson (William Penn) 5-2
160 Dave Jones (Boyertown) dec. #12 Eric Williams (Trinity) 5-1
171 Dave Jones (Boyertown) dec. #3 Jesse DeWan (Boyertown) 6-4, SV
189 #5 David Crowell (Nazareth) dec. Brian Kochik (Bald Eagle Area) 9-5
215 #9 Glen Carson (Southern Regional) dec. #10 Jim Mutch (Nazareth) 3-2
285 #5 Mike Farr (Don Bosco Prep) dec. Jack Burbank (Cox) 7-3

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