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Amateur Wrestling

How to do the flying squirrel.

A sequence photo of Ellis Coleman performing his flying squirrel wrestling move. Flipping an opponent like this isn’t going to be easy. If you’d like to read the text, either right-click and save the large version, or I’ve written up each step below. This also makes for a cool wallpaper. 1. I want to be […]

Daniel Cormier Retires

Daniel Cormier retires from wrestling for good, leaves his shoes on the mat after win over Chris Pendleton. — Daniel Cormier tied a ribbon around his prestigious amateur wrestling career earlier this afternoon, defeating former Oklahoma State University (OSU) teammate, Chris Pendleton, in an exhibition match at UFC’s “Fan Expo” in Las Vegas, Nevada. “DC” […]

Minneapolis needs an amateur wrestling club.

Unlike other spots, once a wrestler walks off the high school mats, they don’t often wrestle again. Sure, some get into college programs, or get the opportunity every now and then, but, for the most part, their wrestling career is over. Wouldn’t it be great if Minneapolis had an amateur wrestling club? Someplace where wrestlers […]

American Hero – Custom Wrestling Singlet

Have you checked out Takedown Sportswear yet? They’ve got some great custom singlets. There’s the American Hero (as seen below), Silverback Gorilla, Haulk (Incredible Hulk), B-Man (Batman), and a cool Armed Forces one just to name a few. They also have wrestling shoes, gear, and apparel. If you follow Takedown Sportswear on Twitter or Facebook you […]

Wrestle Hard

This video was made for Wesleyan University wrestling a few years ago and it’s very well done. The music and special effects are mesmerizing.


Cradlezilla with the Wilson wrestling team. Have you ever seen so many cradles at once? via lbwilsonwrestling

South Africa wrestlers grappling with high Commonwealth Games hopes.

  South Africa will again be pinning its hope on the amateur wrestling squad to bring home the goods at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland, from July 23 to August 3. At the previous edition in Delhi four years ago, the grapplers contributed five of the medals with Richard Addinall the biggest winner with […]

The Beauty Of It – Minnesota Wrestling

Awesome wrestling video featuring the Minnesota Gophers wrestling team. Beautifully put together and one every wrestler should see.

Live Eat and Sleep Wrestling – Abercrombie & Fitch Wrestling Videos

These are three Abercrombie & Fitch wrestling videos that were made a few years back. It’s cool that the company wanted to showcase wrestling, sadly they seem to be more about the men than the sport. That is typical for Abercrombie & Fitch though. Either way, they’re still good. Live Eat and Sleep Wrestling Other […]

The new 220 shoes combine wrestling shoes and running shoes in one.

The 220 Dual Trainer is a new type of shoe. It’s a wrestling shoe that converts into a running shoe. It does this by creating a cover that protects the wrestling shoe from ever touching the gym floor. It’s not just a generic cover either, its custom-made for your wrestling shoe and even adds an […]

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