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Wrestling’s Chris Honeycutt: ‘I’ve Always Wanted to Fight Since High School’

 If you haven't heard of, Chris Honeycutt, yet, you soon will. The two-time All-American out of Edinboro University and second-place finisher at this year's 2012 NCAA national wrestling championships at 197 pounds is the most decorated and high-profile collegiate wrestler who has openly declared his intent to compete in mixed martial arts from this year's graduating class.

There's an open debate about what kind of style and athletic background in wrestling allows for the most seamless transition to MMA. However, there is evidence to suggest the physically bruising wrestler who finishes takedowns with authority will, on balance, find himself right at home in the confines of the MMA cage. And that is precisely the sort of athlete and wrestler Honeycutt has shown himself to be.

In this exclusive interview with MMA Fighting, Honeycutt opens up about his interest in fighting, why he was so open with declaration and intent to participate in the sport, which fighters he admires and names a famous alumnus from his university he plans to train with after graduation

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