Q&A: Bobby Douglas Discusses New Book

Q and A with Bobby Douglas


Coach Douglas discusses his newest book and the second-ranked Cyclone
wrestling team. Â, 
Dec. 14, 2004

AMES, Iowa – Iowa State head wrestling coach Bobby Douglas recently
finished writing his latest book “The Last Takedown. “Coach Douglas
discusses his latest literary effort and also talks about his
second-ranked wrestling team that will compete in the Nebraska Duals
this weekend and at the Midlands Championships, Dec. 29-30 in Evanston,

Coach Douglas, you’ve written a bunch of books in the past, what led
you to write this book?

Coach D: “Well, the rules are going to change drastically, in freestyle
and in some cases collegiate, so the book is designed for the new rules
of the 21st Century. For example, you can now score going off the mat.
In collegiate competition, you can now score with one foot on the mat
which means you’ve extended the take down area and these techniques are
designed to assist wrestlers competing under the new rules.”

How did you get started writing?

Coach D:”I started my first book here in Ames in 1970 and concluded in
1972. This is my fifth book, and I have one more that will be finished
within the next six months. In 1973, I was selected to the Coaches
Commission of FILA. At that time, the Commission was having discussions
about changing wrestling rules for the 21st century. We were trying to
offer more opportunities to score points and try to make matches even
more exciting for the public.”

How long did it take you to write “The Last Takedown?”

Coach D: “This has been a project of about 12 years off and on. I
hadn’t really made a total commitment to finishing it because I wanted
to see what the new rules were heading into the next century. I think
that’s really important as far as kids having the opportunity to see
how these techniques apply to the rules.”

You’ve got the Nebraska Duals this weekend and then you’re off 11 days
before you go to Midlands. How do you feel about the team right now?

Coach D:”If you’re a 7-0 team wrestling the type of schedule we
wrestle, and you’re at finals week that means you’re doing something
right. I think our schedule has been very good for preparation for the
Midlands tournament. We have some down time now and we’re going to
train right through our next two matches to get ready for the
Midlands.We’ve never, ever trained for the Midlands tournament but
because we backed off on the conditioning early we’ll use this time
prior to the Midlands to get into a little bit better shape.”

You won a dual at Iowa, that some people who really know wrestling
didn’t think you could win. The last time Iowa State won in Iowa City
was in 1977. Just how significant is this win?

Coach D: “Well, I think it’s a step forward for us, and that step is
reflected.It doesn’t hurt recruiting, but the actual win probably means
even more to the fans, alumni, and University administration. Iowa
State fans, like the state of Iowa and the city of Ames, have a love
affair with wrestling that is very, very unique.”

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