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10 Coaches, 1 Question: What 1 Thing Would You Change About College Wrestling?

February 2nd, 2009 by Tom

The following 10 coaches were asked the exact same question: If you could change one thing about college wrestling what would it be?

Tom Brands, University of Iowa Head Wrestling Coach

It would be the weigh-in procedures and basically how they have done a disservice to nutrition in this sport.

Barry Davis, University of Wisconsin Head Coach
Stalling calls. Make the guys wrestle more. That's all. It's the best sport going right now. A lot of action. It's such a good thing now. You don't need to change much of it, just make guys wrestle.

If you watch international wrestling it's boring to watch because you can stall and get away with it. There's not enough points scored.

Todd Hibbs, Olivet College Head Wrestling Coach
I'm one of those folks who is in favor of the one semester sport. I love this sport. I love all the competitions. I love all the time we get to put into it, but I really think one semester is the way to go.

I just think that academically it makes a lot of sense. In a sport where you have weight management issues it makes a lot of sense. I'm pretty strongly in favor of that move.

Rob Koll, Cornell University Head Wrestling Coach
I'd take a month off the season. It's too darn long. In what sport can you peak for six months? You simply can't do it. And it's also a sport where you have the weight cutting and it's so physical.

The football season is probably about a third as long as wrestling and it's a similar kind of contact sport. I think you have a lot of injuries because of the length.

The old-timers can say that we always used to be this way but the old-timers didn't wrestle 150 matches in the summer either. So the season never ends.

I think you could take one month off of competition and it would allow people to focus more on dual meets, which are more exciting. It would allow me to focus more on dual meets as opposed to backing off "and letting kids rest and peak at the right time.

Mike Machholz, Missouri Valley Head Wrestling Coach
What I would like is to go to a little bit later season. Get away from March Madness and make it one semester.

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written by Kyle Klingman