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Looking to learn some new grappling moves? Want to watch and learn about some of the best wrestling techniques? Check out these videos.

 1987 International Competition   1987 International Competition 
An exciting Pan American Games Championship performance culminated with victory over the World Champion, Cuban Raul Cascaret, and a silver medal performance at the World Championships in France. 11 matches, 91 minutes.
 1987 National Competition   1987 National Competition 
Don t miss this one! Dave pinned all nine opponents at the U.S. Open, winning the Gorriaran Award plus an exciting best-of-three series over Kenny Monday to win the World Team Trials. 13 matches, 78 minutes.
 1995 National Competition   1995 National Competition 
The third year in a row Dave wins the U.S. Nationals, also wins an especially physical World Team Trials. Dave s technique is highly polished. 5 matches, 40 minutes.
 2-On-1 and Fireman's Carry Drills   2-On-1 and Fireman's Carry Drills 
with Bobby Douglas, Head Coach, Iowa State University, 1992 & 2004 Olympic Freestyle Coach In this tape, Coach Douglas introduces dozens of set-ups and finishes demonstrated by world renowned coaches and athletes through a series of lessons. Using demonstrations in the wrestling room, match footage, and photos from his popular book Take It to the Mat, Bobby teaches the intricacies of the 2-on-1 and Fireman's Carry. As a special bonus, this tape includes clinic footage of the legendary Russian coach Ivan Yarygan demonstrating the 2-on-1 technique used so often by the Soviets. Watch as Coach Douglas teaches the techniques which have helped him become a legendary wrestler and coach. 1998. 50 minutes. ISBN 1-56404-355-X.
 20 Tips for Winning on the Mat   20 Tips for Winning on the Mat 
with Greg Strobel, Lehigh University Head Coach; '03-'04 NWCA "National Coach of the Year" Coach Strobel presents 20 effective concepts that will make an athlete, in any weight class, a more complete wrestler in both the top and bottom position. Strobel provides 10 top position tips and 10 bottom position tips. Beginning with the top position, Strobel demonstrates how to stop your opponent's first move and then transitions into rides and pinning combinations. He covers blanket rides, wrist roll tilts, cradles, bar arm, leg riding, and how to get a stalling point. In the bottom position segment, Strobel concentrates on getting your wrestler to his feet. His tips cover good position, hand control, stopping the legs, defense against the spiral ride and crab ride, and more! 55 minutes. 2004.
 20 Tips for Winning on Your Feet   20 Tips for Winning on Your Feet 
with Greg Strobel, Lehigh University Head Coach; '03-'04 NWCA "National Coach of the Year" Coach Strobel shares 20 short, simple, and successful concepts that he uses for positive results on the mat. Strobel's philosophy is to teach high percentage technique - which means low risk moves that will work on most opponents, most of the time. His techniques include controlling the mat, wrestling to your strength, protecting a lead, freeze fakes, tricks, and many more. Strobel teaches these techniques using on-the-mat demonstrations and explains the reasons for their effectiveness. These basic tenants will give your wrestlers a tremendous advantage on their feet! 48 minutes. 2004.
 35 Drills for Getting Better Faster in Wrestling   35 Drills for Getting Better Faster in Wrestling 
with Dave Mills and Tom Krepps, Co-Head Coaches Grand Valley State University, 2003 NCWA National Champions!, both are former National Coach of the Year at the collegiate and High School levels Takedowns are the most important aspect of wrestling, and in this tape Coaches Mills and Krepps, former N.C.W.A. National Coaches of the Year, present 38 drills to get better at takedowns. Mills and Krepps share drills that made their teams successful at both the high school and college level. Everything from the stance drills to finishes on the front headlock can be mastered by using these drills. Also included on this tape is the 12 x 12 program that is the weight routine that the Grand Valley State University wrestling team uses to peak themselves at the end of the year. The coaches also present 10 things that wrestlers can do at home to get better. 41 minutes. 2001.
 50 Escape and Reversal Drills for Getting Better Faster in Wrest   50 Escape and Reversal Drills for Getting Better Faster in Wrest 
with Dave Mills and Tom Kreps, Co-Head Coaches Grand Valley State University; 2001 and '02 NCWA National Champions Having trouble scoring from the bottom position? Look no further. Coaches Kreps and Mills have packed 50 drills together that will make wrestlers stronger in the bottom position. These are the same drills that Mills and Kreps used in developing back-to-back national championship teams in 2001 and 2002. The tape begins with five drills to improve hand control and from there covers different techniques for the stand-up, peak-out, granby, gazoni, mule kick and many more. Also covered are ways to defend common situations (single leg, chicken wing, etc.). The tape includes a 10-station conditioning circuit. These drills are proven winners that will improve any wrestler at any level. 32 minutes. 2003.
 60 Breakdown, Rides & Pinning Drills for Getting Better Faster i   60 Breakdown, Rides & Pinning Drills for Getting Better Faster
with Dave Mills and Tom Kreps, Co-Head Coaches Grand Valley State University; 2001 and '02 NCWA National Champions Dominate your opponents! National Coaches of the Year Dave Mills and Tom Kreps show you the drills that will get your squad more dominant on top. This tape features more than 60 drills to help your wrestlers keep their opponents on the mat, allowing them to score back points and falls for more team points. Techniques covered include half nelson, chicken wing, turk, hammer lock, banana splits, guillotine, cradles and more! Also included is a 10-Station conditioning circuit. 41 minutes. 2003
 A Conversation with Dan Gable   A Conversation with Dan Gable 
As Dan neared the end of his career as Iowa s wrestling coach, he reflected on his life on and off the mat. It s a rare glimpse at this legendary man. The 40-minute long videotape contains most, but not all of the footage seen in IPTV s broadcast program--plus ADDITIONAL MATERIAL not included in the program, originally broadcast during the 1998 wrestling season. 1998. 40 minutes.
 Advanced Heavyweight Technique: Taking Away the Power Position   Advanced Heavyweight Technique: Taking Away the Power Position 
Kerry McCoy, Assistant Wrestling Coach Lehigh University, 2X NCAA Heavyweight Champion, 4X World Cup Champion, 3X US Freestyle Champion Kerry McCoy believes that better position will beat a stronger heavier opponent every time. With that in mind McCoy demonstrates eight different takedowns and finishes for lighter heavyweights to use when size and strength aren't in their favor. Covered are the Stretch Single, Arm Drag, Elbow Post, Underhook, Knee Pick, Foot Sweep and Snap Down. These moves present an opportunity for your heavyweight to score points without much danger. 60 minutes. 2002.
 Aggressive Rides and Pins   Aggressive Rides and Pins 
with John Peterson, 1976 Olympic Gold Medalist; and Ben Peterson, 1972 Gold Medalist & 1976 Silver Medalist Earning a fall begins with controlling the opponent. In this tape, Olympic champions Ben and John Peterson will demonstrate pins that come from aggressive, punishing rides. The Petersons concentrate on three types of rides: Near wrist rides, cross body rides, and arm bars. The Petersons will first show you how to use each move as a ride, and then how to apply pressure to wear out the opponent enabling your wrestler to position himself for the fall. From the near wrist ride, the Petersons will demonstrate half nelsons, arm bars, and tilts to score points. John will show the cross body ride featuring Jacob turns, cross face turns and bar half nelsons. Ben will demonstrate the proper arm bar riding technique and then show in detail pins from both the single and double arm bar, As a special bonus, Ben will explain four different counters for stopping leg riders. 61 minutes. 2001. ISBN 1-56404-755-X.
 Arm Drags and Tie-Ups   Arm Drags and Tie-Ups 
with Pat Smith, Oklahoma State University Assistant Coach, first 4X NCAA Champion! Once your opponent puts his hands on you, you are in position for an Arm Drag. Smith begins by detailing three different Arm Drag techniques, emphasizing hand placement to pull the arm across the body to open up your opponent's side to score. In the second part of the tape, Smith goes over a variety of tie-ups, once again emphasizing the placement of the hands. If your hands are not in the right position, you can't move your opponent around to open up shot opportunities. Tie-ups covered by Smith include the Elbow, Inside Control, Wrist Control, Collar and Underhook. Coach Smith does an excellent job of slowing down his presentation on Arm Drags and Tie-ups so you can see how the hands should be properly positioned to execute the move. 30 minutes. 2003
 Arm Drags and Underhooks   Arm Drags and Underhooks 
with Thom Ortiz, Arizona State University Head Coach The arm drag is a move that will score points and can also be used as a set-up for other techniques. This video begins with four drills to help strengthen your arm drag technique. Building on these drills, Ortiz takes you through two basic arm drags, the arm drag double and the runaround. He also presents two more advanced arm drags, the sit through and the arm drag fireman. He closes with a demonstration on how to use the arm drag as a set-up to the low single. In the underhook section, Ortiz looks at one of his favorite set-ups, the windmill underhook. This video will give your wrestlers an effective new twist to setting-up their opponents. 2004.
 Attacking with the Double Leg   Attacking with the Double Leg 
with Tom Brands, Head Coach Virginia Tech University former Assistant Coach University of Iowa, 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist 3X NCAA and Big Ten Champ at Iowa See an in-depth discussion and demonstration on one of the most basic moves in wrestling - the double leg takedown - featuring NCAA, Olympic and World Champion Tom Brands. Brands dissects the move from the beginning, starting with proper positioning, and going right into set-ups showing how to pop the arm, snap the head, and tap the head. Brands covers six different finishes including the smash double, high crotch to a double, underhook/inside tie, and down block to a re-shoot. Finally, Brands gives a number of options for finishing when the opponent sprawls and forces your wrestler to the mat. Drills are provided throughout the tape to help perfect the move. This tape is sure to provide some new options to your wrestlers' double leg style! 36 minutes. 2001. ISBN 1-56404-757-1.
 Bar Arms   Bar Arms 
with Mark Cody, Head Coach American University, former Assistant Coach Oklahoma State University three-time All-American This is a complete guide to bar arms. Bar arms are powerful moves that need to be extensively drilled. This tape covers many aspects of getting and keeping bar arms working for you. Starting with the all-important breakdown, Mark Cody demonstrates and explains many of the hottest bar arm moves including the wedge, double-bar arm, a great bar-and-a-half series, and over-bars. Your wrestlers will be more effective with solid bar arm techniques. 1997. 42 minutes. ISBN 1-56404-367-3.
 Becoming a Champion Wrestler Escapes and Reversals: The Attitude   Becoming a Champion Wrestler Escapes and Reversals: The Attitude 
with Greg Strobel, Lehigh University Head Coach, '04 NWCA "Coach of the Year" A championship wrestler must be able to get away from his opponent. If your opponent is riding you, you're getting beat. Coach Strobel's four principles to escapes are good position, strong attitude, avoid handles, and solve the problem. Starting with a discussion on proper position, Strobel breaks down technique for three fundamental escapes: Rolls (including the Granby), switches, and stand-ups. He also shows how to "solve" the tight waist and spiral rides, as well as how to stop leg riders. This is an excellent DVD that will get your wrestlers to their feet and ready to attack! 42 minutes. 2005.
 Becoming a Champion Wrestler Riding and Pinning: Finding a Handl   Becoming a Champion Wrestler Riding and Pinning: Finding a Handl 
with Greg Strobel, Lehigh University Head Coach, '04 NWCA "Coach of the Year" Riding your opponent in wrestling is hard work. In this DVD, Coach Strobel shows your wrestlers the fundamentals--and some tricks--that will help keep your opponent on the mat. Strobel begins by demonstrating cradles and arm bars, covering near, far, basket, and cross-face cradles. From there he shows proper spiral rides and tight waist rides and also shows how to get some quick points with tilts from these rides. Strobel closes with his favorite move - the Far-Leg Turk. You can be a good wrestler without strong riding and pinning skills, but to be a Champion, riding is a must. With this DVD, your young wrestlers will get a good foundation in riding and pinning skills! 46 minutes. 2005.
 Becoming a Champion Wrestler Takedowns: Control the Man, Control   Becoming a Champion Wrestler Takedowns: Control the Man, Control 
with Greg Strobel, Lehigh University Head Coach, '04 NWCA "Coach of the Year" Coach Strobel has been a successful wrestling coach at every level. In this break-through DVD series, he shares his expertise to benefit young wrestlers, and their coaches, to help advance this fantastic sport! In this DVD, Strobel presents fundamental techniques that every wrestler needs to know and execute from the feet. Strobel covers every area of takedowns: Drills, tie-ups, high- and low-level singles, underhooks, two-on-one, counter offense, and more. Whether you or your opponent initiate the move, these techniques will give you more opportunities to score! 70 minutes. 2005.
 Ben Peterson's Favorite Moves: Rolls   Ben Peterson's Favorite Moves: Rolls 
with Ben Peterson, 3X Olympian, '72 Gold Medallist & '76 Silver Medallist, 2X NCAA Champion at Iowa State One name is synonymous with rolls - Peterson. Three-time Olympian Ben Peterson takes you through an in-depth demonstration of his favorite move - the roll - from four different levels (flat on the mat, from the base, a half standup and from the feet). Peterson begins with instruction on the basic core position of the roll, concentrating on a solid base and wrist control. He then takes you through nine different rolls, including the famous "Peterson Roll," named after him. Peterson also shows set-ups that can be used to effectively hit these rolls. This tape also contains tips on how to "fix a broken role," defense, and other combinations to use off the role. These are proven ideas that will add another option to your wrestler's arsenal. 52 minutes. 2001. ISBN 1-56404-774-1.

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